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Ways to maintain My Hydraulic Pump?

A few components of a proper hydraulic pump maintenance plan would include:

Check Oil Often and Replace on Schedule

The operator’s guide of your machine will define the hydraulic oil change schedule and adhering to that schedule can extend the life of your hydraulic pump. When oil is changed, take time to examine the spent oil for signs of debris

Use the Right Oil for the Machine and the Environment

The operator’s guide of your machine will indicate the correct oil to use in your machine, but operators should also be aware of the conditions they are working under and be mindful if oil should be updated to match those conditions.Keeping a pump on a hard-working machine looking new every day is nearly impossible, but routinely peeling back dirt, grime, and oil can help catch issues early.

Keep A Clean Machine

No one wants to take a machine out of work for cleaning, but keeping the machine clean and ensuring pumps are not covered in mud, dirt, or other debris can allow them to be inspected more easily and avoid contamination and overheating.

Inspect Hydraulic Hoses

The hydraulic hoses connected to a hydraulic pump can wear out over time and ensuring they are well-maintained can help you avoid the introduction of debris and even catastrophic issues in the case of sudden failures.

Perform a Post-Mortem on a Failed Pump

If a hydraulic pump fails on your machine, taking time to ensure you properly diagnose why and how the failure occurred will help you avoid repeating the failure with your replacement pump. Even if the pump failed simply from prolonged use and age, taking time to confirm that can lead to insights about how to extend the life of the next pump.

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