In-stock-Centaflex-coupling-for-Clark-fire-pump-engines. Pro Couplings


In stock Centaflex coupling for Clark fire pump engines.

Centaflex couplings for fire pump engines: JU6H-UF32, JU6H-UFM2, JU6H-UF54, JU6H-UFKAQ8, JU6H-UFD0, JU6H-UF34, JU6H-UF58, JU6H-UF60, JU6H-UFKARG, JU6H-UFD2, JU6H-UFM8, JU6H-UF50, JU6H-UF62, JU6H-UFKAS0, JU6H-UF30, JU6H-UFM0, JU6H-UF52, JU6H-UFJAPG, JU6H-UF84

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